Considering expanding your brand into Asia?

Asia is a huge market with many opportunities. Successful companies know that Asia is not a market to be ignored. The beverage industry is no exception, with wealth in Asia driving the demand for alcoholic beverages higher and higher each year. With so many countries, languages and cultures it can be a daunting tasks to work out where to begin to get your product and brand into Asia. Delta Juliet Group Pte Ltd and its partners have worked in the Asia F&B industry for over 25 years, successfully taking brands through to self-sufficiency across India, SE Asia, Greater China, Japan, Korea, Australia & New Zealand.

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Already have a brand presence in Asia?

If your brand isn’t doing as well as it could be, it may be time to look at a new strategy to move from lackluster performance to investor applauding sales figures. Delta Juliet Group Pte Ltd will work with you to define a strategy and plan, build new relationships with distributors, bars & clubs and assist your existing distributors in promoting your brand.

How we work, in a nutshell

Initial Stage

We work with you to determine where your product is likely to be successful, we create a short-term and a long-term plan based on your companies ambitions and we formalise distribution partners in the Asia markets selected by you. We assist you in entity formation, legal matters and many other aspects of establishing your brand in Asia.


We work with our distribution partners to market and grow your brand in Asia. We manage your social media in multiple platforms and languages, work with marketing channels such as magazines, television, movie, bloggers etc. and use our own social media channels to promote your brand. We continue to perform market assessments to ensure your product is being branded effectively in the rapidly changing F&B landscape in Asia.


  • Reduce time to market & cost of establishing in Asia by leveraging our existing and extensive network of distributors, bars, clubs
  • Take advantage of our Duty Free Zone warehouses and drop-shipping capabilities to reduce the cost of distributing your production throughout Asia, making your products price more attractive to distributors in the process
  • We take on the management of your social platforms in multiple languages, tailoring the delivery of your brand to the local markets tastes
  • Have experts in the Asia F&B work with you to bring your brand to a point of self-sufficiency, helping you find the right people in Asia to grow your brand further