How We Work

Finding the right partners for your brand

Finding the right partners to help establish your brand in Asia can be daunting, especially with so many rules, regulations and languages to overcome. We take a lot of the hard work out of this using our established network of consultants, brand managers, distributors, bars & clubs, social media groups, and our own promotional brands. The system has been designed to be able to match your businesses budget, catering to SME's establishing or bolstering a brand presence in Asia. We can help you start off small, or the big bang approach. Our partners with many years in the beverage industry will advise on the best approach for your product, and where it is likely to excel so we can target your brand efficiently and cost effectively. Read more...


We cover all of South East Asia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Greater China, Australia, New Zealand, India. You can choose to target select countries or cities, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Taiwan, or establish country by country. Let us help your business find the most effective approach for your product and brand