How is the Alcoholic Beverage Industry in Asia Pacific?

By 2016 Asia Pacific is expected to have a 31% share of a US$1.16 trillion market. Steady growth is expected to continue though the next 3 to 4 years with some territories expecting significant increases in volumes.

Market At A Glance

  1. Year on year stable growth expected
  2. A good market for new entrants
  3. On-trade sales high
  4. Beer, Cider & RTD's hold 59% mkt/shr
  5. Spirits hold 28% mkt/shr
  6. Wines hold 13% mkt/shr

Alcoholic Beverage Industry Market Information

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Market Research

DELTA JULIET GROUP PTE LTD invests heavily into market research to provide clients with the most relevant strategies to promote their brands. The documents that can be downloaded from this website are provided free of charge to help you make informed decisions regarding your brand presence in Asia.

Alcoholic Beverage Industry
South East Asia, Greater China, Japan, Korea & India - Market Outlook for 2014

This document has been prepared by DELTA JULIET GROUP PTE LIMITED, to aid our customers in understanding the trends in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry in the market areas we cover and to provide a market outlook for 2014. The document has been designed to give our customers important information to help them make key decisions on their market penetration into these markets.

What's in the document
Market Summary
Product Category Summary
Beers, Ciders & RTD's
Geographic Market Analysis Summary
Distribution Summary
New to Market


Vodka Market in Asia Pacific
Market Outlook for 2014

This document has been written to assist DELTA JULIET GROUP PTE LTD clients in making informed decisions regarding the growth of their brands in Asia Pacific. The content of this document summarised the vodka market outlook for 2014 in Asia Pacific, covering Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand

What's in the document
Market Summary
Vodka Consumption
Y-o-Y GR
By Territories
GR by Territories
Flavoured & Non-Flavoured Segmentation
Flavoured & Non-Flavoured GR
Market Value Forecast
Market Value by Territory